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Barefoot Food & Wine Recipes

Whether you’re hosting a celebratory party or serving pre-dinner drinks to guests let’s think a little more outside the box with the occasion as these are a little bit generic, let’s think about that target consumer persona and what they might be doing with friends e.g. hosting a brunch or enjoying the sun and making the most of the deckchair weather, a cocktail is the perfect pour. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in luck - we’ve got a mouth-watering selection of great-tasting cocktail recipes to suit all taste buds and tastes, right here.

If it’s a refreshing cocktail you crave, give our Pinot Grigio Watermelon Frose a sip. It’s so simple to make. Just get a whole watermelon, make a hole in the top, and pour in a bottle of Pink Pinot Grigio. Preparation is key here - ideally, you should chill the watermelon for 24 hours, to let that delicious Pink Pinot sink into all the juicy flesh of the fruit. Then, slice the melon up and mash it into smaller pieces, then freeze and serve. Delicious!

For a cocktail with a richer twist, our Shamrock Pinch blends Barefoot Moscato Wine with Irish whiskey, dashes of orange juice and ginger beer, and a zesty squeeze of lime. The result is a (not sure about using decadent, can you suggest an alternative) drink with warming tones and hints of citrus.

Whatever your favourite wine tipple - red, white, bubbly or pink - we’ve got a cocktail recipe to complement it. Don’t think cocktails are strictly for summer, either. We’ve got cocktails to suit all seasons - so browse our recipes, choose your favourites, and start mixing!

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