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Barefoot Pink Wines

If you like a bit of fun and colour with your wine, think pink and go big and bold. Our selection of pink wines and rose wines not only taste fantastic but look superb in your wine rack - eye-catching and simply demanding to be opened and enjoyed!

We have three absolute corkers in our collection, so whether you like your pink wines on the dry side or prefer sweeter rose wines, we’re sure to have something to satisfy your tastebuds. Our Pink Pinot Grigio is crisp and fruity, boasting sharper flavours of raspberry and green apple, while you’ll find a sweeter taste in the shape of our White Zinfandel. This, another member of our pink and rose wines range, oozes juicy strawberries and ripe pears.

Pink Moscato is the sweetest of our rose wines. The pink wines version of our Moscato, this is suitable for serving as a dessert wine, alongside such scrummy treats as cake pops, cupcakes and thick chocolate brownies. But it’s also sweet enough to complement spicy dishes; why not try it alongside a red thai curry?

Crisp and refreshing; fruity and zesty; sweet and delicious - whatever your preference, you’ll find a favourite among our selection of pink wines.


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Pink Moscato Wine

Barefoot Pink Moscato Wine

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White Zinfandel Wine

Barefoot White Zinfandel Wine

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Pink Pinot Grigio Wine

Barefoot pink Pinot Grigio wine

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