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Pink Moscato Wine

The pinker, sweeter sibling of our Moscato Wine, Barefoot Pink Moscato is a perfect option for hot and sultry summer nights and leisurely evenings at home surrounded by family and friends.

It may be pink in colour but don’t be mistaken by the luscious, lively tone of our Moscato - this isn’t a dry rose but a deliciously sweet and versatile wine. Its sweetness will always mark it out as an excellent accompaniment for desserts - try it with a large bowlful of strawberries and whipped cream, a chunky slab of cheesecake or alongside a piece of cake - but Pink Moscato wine deserves a bigger stage. Definitely don’t hold it back until the end of dinner!

It may come as a surprise, but Moscato pairs brilliantly with spicy food and appetizers, and Chinese cuisine is its best friend. Order an indulgent takeaway, open a bottle or two and enjoy. It’s among the lighter wines to drink, so why not serve it the next time you’re hosting lunch?

Pour a glass of Moscato and you’ll be bowled over by scents of ripe, vibrant red fruit, Mandarin orange and sweet jasmine, all combined with the subtle flavours of cherry, raspberry and pomegranate. Totally delicious and extremely drinkable!

Barefoot Pink Moscato Wine
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