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Barefoot Food & Wine Recipes

Wine and food has always been a winning combo! But wine in food – now we are talking! Whether you are cooking up a simple midweek dish or prepping that show-stopping Saturday night special for the big night in with friends, adding a bit of wine to your dish can really change the game!

Need some inspiration? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re bursting with delicious recipes, for all occasions and all seasons.

Glance through our recipes and you’ll find awesome ideas for wines to pair with cocktails, starters, snacks, main courses and even desserts. If it’s a winter warmer, home comfort style of dish you’re craving, our Barefoot beef stew, infused with Merlot, is highly recommended. The spicy kick of Shiraz adds another dimension to this chili recipe. Another gorgeous red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, takes these foot-tastic blueberry and Barefoot pancakes to a whole new level.

If white wine is more your thing, you’ll love this Barefoot one-pot pasta dish. Teaming up crisp Sauvignon Blanc with pasta, pancetta and peas, it’s a tasty and easy to make midweek supper!

We focus a lot of our recipes around wine cocktails which are great fun to make and get creative with – perhaps we can reference that here in a short paragraph?

There’s no doubt about it - food and wine is the dream team. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Why not delight your friends with a Watermelon Frosé which is perfect for those hot summer days. Or maybe you are throwing a pre-wedding party with your bridesmaids? Well then our Bridesmaids Punch will be sure to kick off the celebrations in style!

Why not try all our recipes?

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