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Shiraz Cabernet Wine

A smooth red wine, our Shiraz Cabernet is a brilliant all-rounder, suitable to drink on any occasion. It’s an easy to enjoy, classic Shiraz Cabernet - packing serious dark fruit flavours with a hint of spicy black pepper.

This is a rich, smooth and velvety wine. Open a bottle, pour into a glass, inhale the tempting aromas and take a sip - hello, jammy blackberries and toasty vanilla! 

It’s perfect to drink on its own, but like so many big-hitting red wines it’s also an excellent buddy to a wide range of food. Shiraz Cabernet is the superstar of any BBQ, matching superbly with thick sausages, chunky burgers and juicy, slow-cooked ribs and other cuts of meat. It’s also great with steak; a glass of Shiraz Cabernet and a generous slab of tender sirloin or rib-eye is a guaranteed to be popular with your dinner party crowd  . 

If meat isn’t on the menu, Shiraz Cabernet is versatile enough to serve with most pasta dishes, and alongside cheeses (mmm, cheeses!).

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for? Find a bottle at your local store, crack it open, and enjoy a bottle  of Barefoot Shiraz Cabernet today

Barefoot Shiraz Cabernet wine
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