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Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

The big flavours of berry drive the power of Cabernet Sauvignon - making this traditional wine a standout sensation and a real favourite with red wine drinkers. Open a bottle of it and you’ll unleash some brilliant fruit-fuelled tastes; blackcurrant, blackberry and raspberry jam all mix with a smooth velvety finish. The result? A lip-smacking delicious red wine which is lush and lasting and sure to make a big impression.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon red wine delivers on flavour without being too heavy; it’s a medium bodied, smooth wine which goes down a treat.

With dinner, Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent sidekick to a range of meat dishes and rich Italian cooking. Meatballs slow cooked in a thick tomato sauce; a rack of succulent ribs that fall apart as soon as you begin to eat; grilled steak; a chunky cheeseburger; Cabernet Sauvignon is big and bold enough to sit well beside them all. It’s also great to enjoy with simpler foods - a chunk of cheddar or just with a generous slab of dark chocolate. Go on, spoil yourself!

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
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