Merlot Mini 187ml

Barefoot Merlot Mini 187ml

Hey, Barefoot fans! Are you ready to dip your toes into something fruity smooth? Say hello to our 187ml Barefoot Merlot Minis! We're bringing you the perfect little treat for all you wine enthusiasts out there who know what you like and what you don't. And trust us, you're gonna love this one!

Our Barefoot Merlot is a delightful little number packed with big juicy flavours. Think mouth-watering notes of blueberry, luscious boysenberry, and succulent plum tones all dancing together in a glass of wine heaven. Yum!

Merlot Mini 187ml

Why a mini bottle, you ask? Well, our Barefoot Merlot Mini is perfect for those moments when a full bottle just isn't necessary, or when you're looking for a single glass of wine. After all, who doesn't love a mini treat?

So, when can you enjoy this Barefoot Mini Merlot? Here are a few occasions we think are perfect:

Picnics in the park: Grab your pals, pack some nibbles, and don't forget your Barefoot Merlot Mini for a cheeky little toast under the sunshine.

Cosy nights in: Sometimes, all you want is a little tipple to accompany your favourite film or TV show. Our mini bottle is the perfect serving size to make your night in just that little bit more special.

Dinner for two: Cooking a romantic meal for your significant other? Pop open a mini bottle of Barefoot Merlot as a delightful accompaniment to your delicious home-cooked meal.

Gift-giving: Know a fellow wine fan who appreciates a fruity red? Our Barefoot Merlot Mini is the ideal little present for any occasion! Red wine not their thing? Check out the full range of mini bottles here.

Just because: Let's face it, sometimes you just want a little glass of wine, and our mini bottle is the perfect solution for those spur-of-the-moment desires


Ready to indulge in some Barefoot Merlot Mini goodness? Grab a bottle, a glass and get ready to experience the joy of our fruity red wine. Cheers!

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