Bubbly Pink Moscato

Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato
Bubbly Pink Moscato

If you live your life with lots of laughter and plenty of fun, our Pink Moscato Bubbly loves to party and is the perfect guest! How can anyone resist this exuberant, excitable, California sparkling wine? We think it should always be on hand to add a touch of fizz to any occasion - serve it with a smile and it’s guaranteed to go down extremely well.

Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato is deliciously sweet, releasing flavours of fresh berries, juicy cherries, red apples and other, subtler tastes such as orange and apple. It’s so delicious and light to drink, ideal as an aperitif, a treat with lunch or to raise a glass as a toast of celebration.

Drink Pink Moscato Bubbly on its own with a group of good friends, or pair it with food. This bubbly wine is best suited with nibbles, starters or dessert. Try it with mild cheeses like halloumi, manchego and mozzarella; fruity sorbet; strawberry cheesecake; shortbread biscuits. In fact, here’s an idea - why not start and end your evening with this spectacular California sparkling wine? After all, it loves being the life and soul of the party!


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