Wine and pasta go together like bubbles and prosecco, Ross and Rachel and a nice top and jeans for a night with your pals.

A fruit-led red is the perfect pairing with a mound of meaty pasta goodness while a delicate white perfectly balances out lip-smacking creamy sauces – with a generous helping of garlic bread, of course.

But don’t take our word for it. Discover which winning combos you need to whip up in the kitchen when you’re in the mood for fabulous food.


Red wine with pasta

Spaghetti and meatballs never get old. Featuring juicy beef meatballs (or a tasty veggie alternative) in a simmering tomato and basil sauce - it’s a hearty dish perfect for cooler nights.

A cheeky twirl of spaghetti paired with full-bodied red is a dream come true. And the Barefoot Merlot is the wine for the job, with deep plum notes and a twang of black cherry.

Prefer your beef minced? No problem! Merlot is also the perfect wine with Bolognese, bringing out the richness of the tomato sauce with every follow up sip. Top off your meal with a flourish of parmesan cheese for that extra pizzazz.


White wine with pasta

Feeling fancy? White wine is there for those sophisticated pasta dishes, featuring flashy seafood and slathers of buttery sauce. Tender, freshly simmered prawns in amongst a lavish buttery pasta combination is always a win for summer nights.

Pair your seafood pasta with our Buttery Chardonnay. This dry yet perfect balanced wine offers a smooth finish with an oaky aroma and a vanilla infused sweetness.

Dreaming of balmy summer evenings toasting with bae? Our light and easy to drink, classic Barefoot Chardonnay is the perfect partner for a holiday inspired pasta dish. Featuring summery fruits and hints of citrus, it mellows out the richness of any seafood pasta recipe.

Finish with a squeeze of lemon on your pasta and imagine you’re eating alfresco somewhere warm and sunny.


Pink wine with pasta

There’s nothing more indulgent than a sizzling dish of macaroni and cheese. Topped with a layer of breadcrumbs and perfectly browned in the oven, this is a pasta recipe worthy of sharing with the besties over a catch-up on a Friday night.

Pair your macaroni and cheese with a cheeky glass of pink wine. Our Pink Pinot Grigio is the ideal partner for this lush dish.

You’ll enjoy the subtly sweet notes of peach and raspberry, before the tart apple aromas comes through and pairs wonderfully with the richness of the pasta.

It’s perfect for encouraging you to take your time and savour every sip and mouthful. Don’t forget to serve with buttery slices of garlic bread and a side salad (maybe)


Bubbly with pasta

Have an evening in planned with the girls? If you’re serving up dinner pour Barefoot Bubbly Moscato into your favourite champagne flutes and serve alongside a rich, green pesto pasta.

This is the easiest pasta dish to whip up. Simply cook your favourite pasta shape – can’t go wrong with fusilli – then stir in the pesto.

Feeling flamboyant? You can whip up your own pesto in a blender with pine nuts, basil and parmesan cheese, or skip that step with a fancy jar from the supermarket.



Wine with carbonara

Ah, the classic Italian dish of carbonara. It’s a staple on many a restaurant menu but also a pasta dish you can never go wrong with. Slathers of thick cut linguine, tossed in a delicate creamy sauce and topped with cuttings of fresh pancetta… we’re hungry just thinking about it!

When it comes to that carbonara wine pairing, a zesty white is the perfect match. Our Barefoot Pinot Grigio is a fan favourite for a reason but also perfectly balances out the indulgent side of this creamy pasta dish with its notes of tart green apple.

Enjoy a chilled glass by candlelight on date night after serving up a generous plate of this popular dish.


Wine with lasagne

Nothing beats the sound of that sizzling cheese on top of a lasagne, as you bring it out of the oven. Make this dish a weekend wonder by pouring a glass of Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy with it.

This wine pairs wonderfully with meaty dishes, so if you’ve featured generous layers of beef mince in your lasagne you’re in for a good time. With a velvety smooth finish and fruit fuelled taste, it’s a real treat with those weekend dinners when you have more time.


Wine with ravioli

Those neat pasta parcels of joy deserve a good wine. Whether you’ve stuffed your ravioli with spinach and ricotta or a spicy chorizo and tomato sauce (or are enjoying some shop-bought ravioli, we won’t judge) we think a Barefoot Shiraz is a good choice.

Shiraz is the perfect wine with pasta, as it has the unique ability to pair seamlessly with any number of dishes. It’s ideal for ravioli when you can go wild with fillings. Enjoy the smokiness of this wine with dark berry and mocha notes that go down smoothly with any ravioli recipe.


Feeling inspired? We thought so. When it comes to wine with pasta, there’s no wrong answer really. Simply choose your favourite, serve up with a glass of something tasty and enjoy. Cheers!

Aug 16, 2021