Whether you’re known to be a foodie or just want an excuse to submit to your cravings, pancake day is the perfect excuse to overload on sugary and sweet carb-y goodness. There’s nothing quite like a thick pancake covered in your fave toppings after a long day at the office – even if you are living that WFH life.

It’s time to put those flipping skills to the test; here are some of the best pancake recipes and toppings, as well as the perfect Barefoot wine pairings to go with them. Not only will they taste absolutely delish, but they’ll look perfect on your Instagram feed - #pancakesarelife.


Pancake topping ideas, recipes and wine pairings:

  • Best American pancake recipe
  • Amazing English-style pancake recipe
  • Yummy French crepes recipe
  • Delicious dairy-free and egg-free pancake recipe
  • Pancake wine pairings and topping ideas.


Best American pancake recipe:

Do you prefer those fluffy, thick pancakes you imagine tucking into at an American diner? We’ve got your back. This four-serving recipe from BBC Good Food is guaranteed to produce those extra delish, extra thick pancakes of your dreams. Cover with your chosen toppings and transport yourself to that diner in an instant.


Amazing English-style pancake recipe

English-style pancakes are thinner than the American ones above (although not as thin as a crepe) - and that allows you to roll them up into a sweet wrap. This easy-peasy eight-serving recipe from Jamie Oliver takes just 15 minutes to make and cook, so you don’t have to wait around to get stuck in. We get it, we’re in a hurry to eat ours too!


Yummy French crepes recipe

Say bonjour to extra thin but equally as yummy French crepes. These buttery bites are surprisingly easy to make considering just how delish they are and can be eaten no matter the time of day. Savoury crepes for dinner and sweet, sugary laden versions for dessert, anyone? Follow the recipe from The Flavour Bender to treat your sweet tooth on pancake day.


Delicious dairy-free and egg-free pancake recipe

Just because you’re going dairy-free, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice pancake day – aka the day we all look forward to so we have an excuse to stuff our faces. Creating the perfect dairy-free and egg-free pancake sounds harder than it really is, especially if you follow the quick and easy recipe by Tasty. No eggs or dairy in sight, just delicious, fluffy pancakes that taste just as good as the regular kind. Yum!

Pancake wine pairings and topping ideas:

Need some pancake topping ideas? No worries, we’ve got you covered with some savoury and sweet pancake toppings. Better yet – and we’d argue that it’s even more important – we’ve also given you some pancake wine pairings to boot. Barefoot Wine plus pancakes makes for a very good combo.


Classic sugar and lemon

Nothing says ‘classic British pancake Tuesday’ like a simple sugar and lemon topping. Whether you’re choosing thick or thin pancakes, you really can’t go wrong with this choice. Jazz up this old school choice with a glass of fruity Pink Moscato, which is deliciously sweet just like this sugary treat.


Rich chocolate and strawberries

Treat yo’ self to rich melted chocolate and juicy strawberries. Adding fruit makes it healthy, right? Either way, this is one treat you simply won’t be able to resist. Make your tipple of choice a glass of smooth Barefoot Merlot, the light body and silk tannins of this red fruit wine pairs perfectly with milk chocolate. Yum!


Healthy spinach and ricotta

On the search for healthy pancake toppings, or maybe you’re just a fan of all things savoury? This one is a must. We recommend using a thin style for this, as you can create mini parcels by folding the pancake around the pan-fried ricotta and wilted spinach. Pair this with the equally-as-creamy Buttery Chardonnay for the perfect pancake day treat. Plus, these little parcels fit the bill if you want to look fancy on the ‘Gram. Posh pancakes, anyone?


Unique blueberry and wine combo

What could be better than a glass of wine with your pancakes? Having a rich wine in the pancakes themselves, of course.  We have our own recipe for ‘foot-tastic blueberry and Barefoot pancakes, including rich Cabernet Sauvignon, redcurrant jelly and blueberries. Berry nice, if we do say so ourselves!


Easy cheese and ham

You didn’t think we’d only give you savoury fans one choice, did you? The classic cheese and ham has been a long standing king of savoury pancake ideas, so much so that it would be a crime to leave it off this list. We’d pair this choice with the dry,  fruity tones of Sauvignon Blanc. It pairs easily with light bites such as this thanks to its crisp notes.


Fancy smoked salmon and cream cheese

We’d consider this one of the more healthy pancake toppings on the list, as well as being one that’ll have you looking like a pro chef without much effort at all. Move over, Nigella! Pair your pancake with cream cheese (low fat if you’re counting those calories), sliced cured smoked salmon and dill before sipping on some indulgent Barefoot Chardonnay, which pairs wonderfully with all seafood.


What’s your choice of pancake topping? Whether you choose from ours or make a unique creation, make sure to make the most out of pancake day by celebrating with a glass of Barefoot wine. Cheers!

Feb 11, 2021