Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but that isn’t the only holiday to look forward to. Instead of just celebrating romantic soulmates, don’t forget about your gal pals this February.

After all, who said you need a bae to celebrate love and happiness? Definitely not us! Get the group chat going and kick your Galentine’s Day off right with your soul sisters on the 13th February. Whether your partner is making themselves scarce or you’re living the #singlelife, dedicate the day before Valentine’s Day to bonding with your besties. Even if it is from the comfort of your sofa this year. Happy Galentine’s Day!


What is Galentine's Day?

Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday on the 13th February dedicated to celebrating friendship among females and ladies being absolute #girlbosses. It’s a great excuse to dress up, make sure your makeup is on fleek and bond over a glass of your favourite Barefoot wine.

While this day is normally a great excuse to gather and spend some time together IRL, it’s unlikely to be possible this year. Don't worry, though - we’ve got you covered with some amazing ways to spend time with your gals without leaving your house.

Things to do for Galentine’s Day 2021:

  1. Movie night with the girls
  2. Virtual cocktail party
  3. Gift exchange
  4. Virtual group classes
  5. Friendship group quiz
  6. Games night


Movie night with the girls

Fancy a chilled one? Get cosy in your PJs and stream a movie with the gals. Some streaming services let you create a group session so you’re literally watching together. Without this, you’ll just have to make sure you press play at the same time.

While you can just text while watching it - ‘omg, can you believe he did that?!’ - take it one step further and have a group call while the film is on. While you’ll likely get a tad distracted, it makes it feel like you’re really celebrating Galentine’s Day together.

Top tip: Grab some popcorn, a glass of Barefoot fizz and get curled up with your fave snuggly blanket to make the most out of this chilled night in - you deserve it, babe!

Virtual cocktail party

While dressing glam and heading out to your fave bar may not be on the cards - that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cheeky tipple. Get your glad rags on, jump on a video call and become your own personal bartender with the help of our easy but delish Barefoot cocktail recipes. Yes, you’ll have to serve yourself, but at least that means you’ll always be at the front of the queue!

Whether you’re reminiscing about chilling on a beach with a strawberry lemonade sangria or keeping it on trend with a girls night in cocktail, turn up the tunes and have some fun making these yummy treats. Any excuse to dress up and party, right girls?

Top tip: Make a playlist full of your favourite banging tunes, decorate your home in some coloured LED lights and enjoy your virtual party in style. Make sure to share the playlist with your pals so you can stream and listen at the same time!


Secret Galentine gift exchange

Secret Santa is one of the best parts of celebrating Christmas with the gang, so why not use this idea for Galentine’s Day? You don’t have to go mad splashing the cash either, as you can all agree on a budget in advance to make sure you’re on the same page. Make sure to get the gift delivered in advance and set up a video call so everyone can guess who their secret Galentine is. No cheating or revealing in advance - where’s the fun in that?

Top tip: Use an online generator to pick who you’re buying for at random and get the gift delivered to their door to keep it socially distance friendly. Gifts can include the likes of a cute friendship bracelet, a bottle of Barefoot pink moscato wine, luxury choccies or perfume.


Virtual classes

Learn something new while spending quality time with your besties by taking up a virtual class. From exercises to cooking classes, this is a great way to break up the lockdown boredom and try your hand at a new hobby while spending some quality time with your BFFs. You’ll have to organise this in advance, but it’s well worth it if you fancy doing something different while having your girls on hand to giggle over your attempts.

Top tip: If you don’t want to join a class or want to keep it between you girls alone, take turns to teach each other a skill instead. Whether you know a few yoga poses or can cook a banging risotto, it’s always fun getting the gals on board to try something you have a talent for.


Friendship group quiz

You may be a tad sick of virtual quizzes by now, but a Galentine’s Day special should be far from your ordinary general knowledge test. Have someone volunteer to be quizmaster and create questions about the friendship group.

This can include hilarious anecdotes, fun facts, embarrassing moments and memories you’ve all shared as a group. Get the entire group to submit potential questions via an anonymous forum and you’re sure to be in for a giggle!

Top tip: Get everyone to put some cash in and get the quizmaster to create hampers for the winners. Let everyone have a chance of winning by taking part in two quizzes and change up who hosts.


Games night

A classic lockdown choice, you really can’t go wrong with a Galentines games night. You’re certainly spoilt for choice, anyway: bingo, Scattergories, Pictionary, charades - you name it, you can usually find a virtual version with ease.

This doesn’t require much organisation at all and is perfect for a last-minute friendship date with your BFFs. Just grab your webcam, gal pals and a glass of bubbly - what more could you ask for?

Top tip: Take the games both online and offline by making a scavenger hunt. Act as quiz master and task your friends with finding objects around their home. Up the ante by including clues rather than stating what they need to find.


Celebrate in style: lockdown edition

Now you have a range of fun activities to keep you busy, it’s time to think about how you can slay the Galentine’s Day game virtually. As mentioned, you should take any opportunity you can to get glammed up, so put on your favourite lippie, plus your little black dress, even if you do pair it with comfy slippers.

Whether you’re opting for a cocktail night or chatting about your love of pizza, a night with the girls isn’t complete without a glass of Barefoot wine. Speaking of pizza, make sure to grab your favourite nibbles before you start your virtual gathering and make a night of it.


Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, you’re guaranteed a great time when you combine your gal pals with our ideas and your choice of Barefoot wine. Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies!

Feb 2, 2021