Treat Dad this Father’s Day with a shindig you know he’ll love. After a year of lockdowns and bans on hugging, it’s time to crack open his fave Barefoot wine and get the family together (you’re his favourite, of course) to celebrate all things Dad.

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve rustled up some always fun Father’s Day ideas to set the mood and make sure he knows he’s appreciated.


Set up Dad’s very own pub garden

Has Dad always dreamed of running his own bar? Then make that dream come true in his own back garden. It’s a great surprise party idea that he’ll love and you can stock the bar with all his favourite tipples.

You can buy ready-made garden bars (you’ll definitely need to convince your siblings to chip in for one of these!) or you can get creative with a table and some standing optics. Alternatively, pick up a serving trolley for a wheelable bar that can be used inside too!

Finish things off with a signature cocktail you know he’ll love featuring his favourite wine – if he’s a Malbec man, we highly recommend rustling up our very grown up slushie recipe.


Fire up the grill

There’s one thing many Dads are known for… and that’s knowing how to BBQ. So grab all his favourites and light up the grill.

The great thing is, Dad won’t trust anyone else to cook on his fire so he’ll have fun whipping up that Father’s Day lunch that you can all enjoy after. Win-win!

Is he a red meat fan? If he’s cooking up chunky hunks of steak and juicy ribs then a bottle of Barefoot Jammy Red is a must. With its notes of berry and strawberry jam it’s the perfect early summer treat while tucking into all that grilled meat.

Plan a Dad-inspired rave

Whatever era your Dad’s from – maybe he’s from the 70s or maybe he was a 60s hippy – you probably know all of his favourite bands and songs. Those car journeys as a kid were torture, right? Well, it’s time to relive your (and his) youth.

Create an epic playlist featuring all his favourite artists and clear the living room to create a dance floor. Disco lights, a well-stocked kitchen counter with his favourite Barefoot wine and dressing like the era he knew and loved will set the scene for a wild evening of nostalgia.


Games night

Whether he’s into board games or video games, a night centred around these gets the whole family together and having fun. Just avoid Monopoly – that game can make or break relationships.

Make the evening a fierce competition, with Dad acting as referee and able to dish out forfeits to anyone who loses. Good luck to whoever didn’t get him a good gift!

Make sure there are prizes for winners and extra gifts for Dad even if he’s always on the losing team – it is Father’s Day, after all! A bottle of Barefoot makes a great prize, just saying wink


Lights, camera, action

Is Dad into a particular film franchise? Then set up a movie night on Father’s Day based around this. Here are just a few awesome ideas:

  • Star Wars – If your Dad knows his Wookies from his Ewoks then dim the lights and blast the sound on the TV to enjoy this epic franchise. Of course, you won’t get through all the films in one night, so start with the classic 70s titles for a real throwback. Serve up space themed food (Han Solo frozen in carbonite aka jelly, anyone?), fill the ceiling with glow in the dark stars and encourage everyone to dress like their favourite character from the films. It’s a little cheesy but he’ll love it.
  • Lord of the Rings – If Dad loves these fantasy flicks, then throw together a Tolkien themed movie night. Serve up shortbread as a snack to mimic the famous lembas bread Frodo and Sam tuck into on their journey and of course a glass of Barefoot wine – worthy of a party at the Shire.
  • Die Hard – Welcome to the party pal. If Dad’s favourite franchise is the action-packed Die Hard series, then set up a movie night inspired by this iconic movie. If the original (and best) is his favourite then everyone needs to don a Santa hat to watch – while arguing if it classes as a Christmas movie. The whole family should also mark a bingo card every time John McClain does something iconic like lose an item of clothing or uses his trusty lighter – first to shout Nakatomi wins!


Breakfast buffet

If Dad loves nothing more than tucking into a hearty breakfast then organise a fancy morning treat on Father’s Day. Rustle up all his favourite breakfast foods in his kitchen then set this up on the dining table for everyone to tuck into before he opens his gifts.

We’re thinking plates of sizzling sausages, hash browns, piles of pancakes and platters of fresh fruit ought to do it. If you want to go continental, fresh pastries and pots of tea and coffee are a must too.

Be sure to serve up all that good grub with a cheeky Barefoot beverage to wash everything down. We think our fizzy pink grapefruit mimosa with Bubbly Pink Moscato is the perfect choice. *chef’s kiss*


Whatever your Dad’s into, do something special for him on the 20th June and take some inspiration from our Father’s Day ideas.

Jun 16, 2021