Brrr! Is anyone else a bit chilly? When the days get chillier, we love to dig out the blankets, pop on our snuggly slippers and swap evenings at the beach for a cosy night in, don’t you?

Whether you're craving a bit of alone time with a bubble bath and a book or a movie marathon with bae or a friend, cosy winter nights are made for relaxing at home. Whisper it quietly, but these nights can be every bit as fun as going ‘out out’ if you plan them properly.

Need some help? Don’t worry, we’ve got this. Here are some of our favourite ideas for cosying up during those evenings you just want to draw the curtains and snuggle up for a night in.

Pampering night ideas

Just because you’ve packed away your flip flops, shorts and t-shirts doesn't mean your skin should be forgotten. In fact, as the weather gets colder, a night of pampering yourself could be exactly what you're looking for – and help you to keep looking fabulous!

This is also one of many things to do at home with your queens, with a partner or by yourself for a bit of self-pampering - indulgence isn't reserved for special occasions, especially when the weather turns. Don’t forget to treat yourself with a delicious glass of wine too!

The great thing about a night of pampering is that you can create a spa experience at home with things you already have. Here are our tips for the best pampering night.

Get that home spa set up for some me time

  • Find a relaxing playlist
  • Turn the lights off and light some candles
  • If you have a diffuser, add relaxing essential oils such as lavender
  • Grab your fave products – face masks, bubble bath and body scrubs are always winners

Get the gang together for some relaxing group therapy

Why not have a spa day with your mates or flatmates? Apply face masks, fill up a bowl with warm water and salts for pedicures and take it in turns to do your gals nails. Pour a glass of your favourite Barefoot wine each and enjoy a catch up while you wait for your nails to dry. If getting together isn’t possible- you can still have a pamper session with a video chat while you all reap the benefits of those face masks and relaxing scents.

If you're setting up this evening for yourself or with bae, you might want to run a bath filled with bubbles and have a head to toe pamper. Use your scrubs, masks and moisturisers, jump into clean pjs, have a read then pop on an eye mask for a relaxing night's sleep and you'll wake up feeling completely refreshed. You deserve it!

Ideas for a movie or box set night

Movie nights are made for cosy winter evenings at home - so how can we make sure this is the best one you'll ever have?

Plan your snacks and drinks

Surely the most important aspects of any cosy night in? Drinks and snacks are essential for a movie night and it's always a great idea to stick to the classics – pizza, popcorn and Barefoot wine, of course!

Why not fill your mini fridge with some of our wine cans or seltzers? Just like the snacks, they'll be convenient to sip while engrossed in your movie.

Alternatively, why not add a wine bucket filled with ice to one of your side tables and pop in a bottle of Barefoot bubbly?

It might also add to the overall experience to match your snacks and drinks to the film/theme – pair a chick flick with Rosé, a scary movie with a Jammy Red, or even a documentary with a Pinot Grigio. Or just crack open your fave wine to go with your fave movie.


Organise your movie night set up

  • Grab your duvet, snuggly blankets, cushions and anything else you can find to create a cosy setting to get comfy in.
  • Why not bring out your inner child and build a fort or convert a whole room into a huge bed – cos who doesn’t love their bed?!
  • If you're lucky enough to have a surround sound set up at home then try and recreate the cinema experience from your lounge or bedroom.
  • If you have a mini fridge, plug that in close to where you're cosying up and you can keep certain items cool.
  • Remember to put your phone on silent so that group chat doesn’t disturb your night.


Choose your movie or TV series

Looking for one epic movie, a franchise or even a TV series to binge? Decide what you want to watch beforehand so you can dive straight in, or just wing it and check out what movies are newly streaming that night. Think of the time of year for this too. Is it late October? Horror movie time! Creeping closer to Christmas? Get your favourite festive film on!

Even if your friends are unable to be with you in person, you can arrange the evening with them and call them on Zoom or Skype to share the experience virtually. Some streaming services like Netflix and Disney + allow you to pair your screens and watch together now which is super cool!

Home sweet home

Who says you can’t have fun unless you go out? Not us! There are so many ways to embrace your time at home during the colder months. Whether it’s baking some tasty treats, belting out some classic tunes or just having some time for a spot of mindfulness, find your way to get your cosy on. 

Online baking class

Finally made enough banana bread? Those sourdough starters feeling a bit old already? We hear you. Why not use your night in to brush up on those baking skills? There’s no guarantee you’ll be transformed into Bake Off winner material – but heading on an online course can certainly help you to up your game. This guide from the Independent has some suggestions – from Bread Ahead to Livia’s and Bake with Maria – or search out a class that can help with a recipe or technique that lets you down. The squad won’t be laughing at your soggy muffins again!

Make an event of the evening by laying out a picnic blanket on the floor, light some candles and have an indoor picnic. Pair your favourite drop of Barefoot wine with the meal - chef's kiss!


Adult colouring book

Why do kids have to have all the fun? Well, they don’t – it’s your turn now! Adult colouring books have sprung up in recent years to help us all relive our youth and give us all the excuse to get the crayons out that, let’s be honest, we were all waiting for. They’re actually a really nice way to have a bit of mindfulness time and put the stresses and strains of work etc to one side.



Come on guys, now is your chance to shine. We know you’re secretly desperate to bust out your inner Beyonce, Lizzo or Ed Sheeran. Get a karaoke machine and dial up the squad on video call for a joint session. Or, if you’re not in the mood for company, turn up the volume for a solo performance. We all love to let it all out from time to time, right?


Drag make up

We’ve all seen RuPaul’s Drag Race – it’s one of our absolute faves – but what about giving it a go for yourself? If you’re stuck home alone and have your trusty makeup collection to hand then it’s time to get yourself on a drag makeup tutorial. There’s so many to chose from on YouTube these days – from the simple to the sophisticated. Have fun and let your creative freedom go wild. If you do a good job, it’ll go down a treat on Insta!


Whatever you choose to do with your cosy night in, we hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for you. Whether you're with friends, family, your other half or having some well-earned alone time, a night away from the buzz of modern life might be the ideal tonic.

Jan 7, 2021