Our Wine

At Barefoot, our passion is making sure that you can enjoy a refreshing, delicious drop of a great drink no matter where you are - that's why we designed our fun and flavoursome wine seltzer.

These gorgeous slimline cans are packed with a vibrant and refreshing blend including sparkling water, white wine and natural fruit flavourings and, at just 4% ABV, gluten-free and 70 calories they're a lighter alternative to wine.

Our summer-friendly cans, often referred to as hard seltzers or spiked seltzers, come in two mouth-watering flavours. Choose from the tropical sensation of pineapple and passionfruit, or the juicy temptation of strawberry and guava.

Whichever you choose, these fruity wine seltzers will make for the perfect partner to your summer adventures. Start your day stretching with the sunrise or running with the fresh breeze on your skin, then embark on sun-kissed escapades with friends and family.

A slim can will tuck into your beach bag for a refreshing drink when you’re out and about, or you can pour one over ice with a generous fruit garnish to enjoy in the garden. Whether your plans include delicious picnic food in the park, days at the beach with fish and chips or sizzling barbeques in the garden, a Barefoot Wine Seltzer is the ideal companion.

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