Our Wine

It's time to welcome a different way of drinking your favourite Barefoot wine - one that is the perfect accompaniment to your day no matter where you are. We've designed Pinot Grigio and White Zinfandel in canned form - these delightful 250ml cans of wine can be appreciated cosied up indoors, or dining al fresco.

Whether you're attending a summer garden party, a coastal picnic or a delicious meal at home, you'll be able to savour the flavours of your beloved Barefoot wine straight from a can.

A canned drop of our juicy and jammy White Zinfandel will add a crisp finish whatever the occasion, while our elegant Pinot Grigio is a delicious wine to pair with a range of divine dishes in a variety of circumstances.

These portable wonders can easily slip into a cool bag for a trip to a celebratory barbecue, or can be kept cool in your fridge to enjoy when entertaining friends and family.

Not only are these cans of Barefoot wine beautiful, they're convenient and eco-friendly and all packaging can be recycled, making your party or picnic a completely sustainable occasion.

It doesn't matter if your preference is a pleasing pink or a white with wow-factor, get your hands on our delectable wine in a can and relish the moment surrounded by the ones you love.

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