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Whether it’s for a large dinner party with friends, a family gathering, a quiet supper for two or simply to be enjoyed during some well-earned ‘me’ time, nothing beats a lovely large glass of red wine! Red wines are packed with big flavours, depth and gorgeous aromas, but there are many variations and many different types. The Barefoot range features red wines to suit all tastes and all occasions. We have five types of red wines - Merlot, Shiraz, Australian Shiraz Cabernet, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. They each have their own unique flavours and style, yet share common qualities - these red wines are rich, smooth and easy to drink. They’re also an excellent match for a wide selection of dishes, so you can serve them with dinner and know they’ll be perfectly at home. Red wines pair especially well with red meats such as beef, lamb and game but also strong cheeses and tomato-based pasta dishes. It’s awesome with spaghetti bolognaise - trust us. We highly recommend all our red wines but you’ll surely find a favourite. Malbec is plush and full bodied. Merlot is rich and smokey, inspired by dark fruits. Shiraz is hearty and spicy. Cabernet Sauvignon is bold and luxurious. And Shiraz Cabernet? That’s the best of both worlds, vibrant and plummy. Take your pick - or try them all!

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