Barefoot want to bring people together even if that can only be virtually. Before you do anything for your virtual games night make sure to pop a bottle of your favourite Barefoot or even some of our wine seltzers into the fridge so they're chilled ready for when you start playing.

Whether your friends and family live in a different county or even jsut around the corner, not being able to pop over for a cup of tea, organise dinner or get together for a games night can be difficult. You can, of course, chat on the phone as well as sharing photos and messages over WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up with each other’s lives. But it’s not the same as spending time together.

This is where technology comes in, making us feel more connected than ever before. Where once you might have popped over for a glass of Barefoot wine, now you can video chat and feel like you and your gang are together in the same room. This brings those who are physically far away much closer.

Virtual natters are great, but why not go one step further and host a virtual games night? It’s a brilliant way to feel like you’ve spent some real, quality time together and have fun too.

Not sure where to start? This guide tells you everything you need to know about organising online party games.

Organise a date and time

Start by messaging your group chat to organise your meet-up. “Who’s up for a games night, Saturday, 7.30pm?” then let the replies flood in… “Sounds great!”. “Count me in!” “Yasss girl!”. And the date is set! Just don’t forget any time differences if you’re a jet-setter with pals in different countries! Make sure to send a follow-up message: “who’s getting the Barefoot wine in?”


Where will you meet?

Houseparty, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger - there are so many popular ones to choose from and each has different features depending on your clique size and what you want to do. If you’re a large group and fancy doing a ‘pub’ quiz, you might want to use Zoom - the free plan can host up to 100 people for 40 minutes – or how about a virtual game of Bingo? Then there’s, Houseparty which comes with games and lets other friends join in - so you don’t know who might walk through the virtual door. Exciting, huh! While it only allows up to eight of you in one chat, there is no time limit. Already got a group chat going on Whatsapp or Facebook? Perfect! You can just video call the group and voila!


Decide on a game: Next you need to choose a fun game to play. There are so many games from pictionary to charades that can easily move from the real world to a video call. But, here are a few others you might like to consider…  

Pub Quiz - You could host a pub quiz and get all your friends or family involved. Gather on Zoom, so you can see everyone and share your screen, which is useful if you want to jazz it up with a presentation for the questions - particularly if there is a picture round of your fave celebs or even be fun questions about your mates! The prize could just be bragging rights forever more, or how about a donation to the winner’s favourite dogs rescue or LGBT charity?

Houseparty games - Houseparty has some games included that you can play on the app as you chat including Heads Up! Trivia, Chips and Guac as well as Quick Draw. These are all good fun and can be started spontaneously during your video chats.

Card games - Is your favourite game Cards Against Humanity? You wish you could play it with your friends who share your dark humour but how can you, if you’re not in the same room? Head over to, where you’ll also find other games including Go Fish and Crazy Eights. You just need to get a game link, then you can send it to your friends so you can all play together.

Bingo – Tickety-boo, 62! If you fancy a game of bingo with your mates then you can either set this up yourself or join one streaming live such as the famous Bongo’s Bingo.

Scavenger hunt – Create a list of items that the scavengers must find – this could be something simple like a toilet roll or you may want to make them have to think outside the box a bit more. Then give them a certain amount of time on a stopwatch to run off and find it. The first one back each time is the winner.

If you choose to play a game via a website or app, why not set up a video call at the same time so you can still see each other's reactions and cry with laughter together?


Dress up?

Snuggle up in your comfies or wear your sassiest outfit? It’s totally up to you! Your friends won’t judge you either way! It could give you an opportunity to get your glam on or even go fancy dress! Plus you can totally have your trackies on underneath- they’ll only see your top half anyway! You could, of course, always match your outfit to your favourite Barefoot label – if you are drinking Sauvignon Blanc for example, then a bright green jumper would be perfect!


Don’t forget the food and drink!

A party isn’t a party without drinks and snacks, are we right?! Put a pizza in the oven and make sure you’ve got plenty of nibbles and a glass of your favourite Barefoot or a can of our wine seltzer to hand to cheers your pals.

Keen to get the gang together and host your own virtual party now? Then get planning and bring everyone closer together, however far apart they really are. 

May 20, 2020