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#BareYourSole and Be Happy in 2017!
March 20, 2017

#BareYourSole and Be Happy in 2017!


Our #BareYourSole campaign is back for another year and today is the perfect day to kick it off – the 20th March AKA International Day of Happiness!

As you may remember, last year we discovered that half of the UK agreed that being true to yourself and feeling free to express yourself - however you wish - is the key to happiness. So here at Barefoot we got our heads together and thought about how we could help make this happen because we all agree that a happier world is a better place for all! The outcome? We launched the #BareYourSole campaign, a social movement encouraging people to share their hidden hobbies, no matter how quirky and unique they may be. After all, the world would be a pretty boring place if we were all just the same…

For 2017 we have gone one further and want to know about your secret passions and quirks, be it a love of folk music, a penchant for scotch eggs or a collection of all things 60s! To get the ball rolling, we have again teamed up with a host of YouTubers and social media stars who will be Baring Their Soles with us. Check out Helen Anderson’s video of her revealing 10 things that you didn’t know about her:

We would love it if you, our foot-fans, also get involved. All you have to do is share whatever it is that makes you a little bit unique using the hashtag #BareYourSole. Who knows, it may even make you feel that bit happier… We are certainly feeling good about ourselves!  

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