Pinot Grigio On Tap

Wine on tap? Your wish has been granted. We know that life’s more fun with friends, so that’s why we’ve created our new Barefoot On Tap -  a totally easy to transport version of your favourite Pinot Grigio.

Our Barefoot On Tap wine boxes hold the equivalent of two 750ml bottles (plenty to share!) and stays fresh for an incredible 30 days once opened. We think it’s great for those summer picnics in the park, garden BBQs with pals and even autumn evenings with a crackling firepit and plenty of blankets. No matter what time of year, Barefoot On Tap is ideal!

Maybe you’re planning on spending a day at the beach, clinking your glasses to the glorious sunset or you could be hitting up the campsite with a group of friends. With these, you can indulge wherever and whenever!

Pinot Grigio On Tap

Our Pinot Grigio is always a fan favourite, boxed or bottled. It’s a zesty little number but one that always goes down smoothly. This wine is renowned for bringing all the summer vibes, combining fresh citrus notes with delicate floral tones.

Notes of green apple and white peach make this a balanced treat that pairs wonderfully with classic picnic food. We’re thinking chunky baguettes, flaky sausage rolls and fresh punnets of ripe strawberries all enjoyed with a vibrant glass of Barefoot wine. It’s also ideal for sharing at that Bonfire night party you’ve planned with friends. There’s nothing better than sipping a glass of Pinot Grigio while watching the sky light up with fireworks. Whatever’s in the diary, this is a wine that’s ready when you are.


Prefer your wine sweet and pink? Say no more! We also offer our White Zinfandel On Tap too.

So, we’d say it’s time to raise a glass to that fine thing called convenience, pick up a box of Barefoot On Tap and bring out the picnicware. See you there!

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