There really is nothing better than a chilled glass of Chardonnay served in a large wine glass on a Saturday evening. But, to get the best possible taste there’s a little more to it than just pouring straight from the bottle.

What can sometimes make the world of wine confusing is that the serving temperature for wine is slightly different from its storing temperature. For example, when storing red wine long term you’d store at a cooler temperature than you’d normally drink it. So, in case you’re throwing a swanky dinner party and want to add some flair to your serving style, check out these wine tips to help you get the best flavour out of your wine.

Red wine temperature

The red wine serving temperature can change depending on what type of bottle you’re working with. For example, to really make the most out of the blackcurrant notes, a Shiraz Cabernet is best served anywhere between 17- 19°C. But a Merlot is traditionally served between 14-16°C as the sweeter flavours can handle a cooler temperature. This said, typically the serving temperature for red wine is just below room temperature at around 15-18°C. Pop a bottle outside the back door on a cool evening for 15 minutes before pouring will do the trick.

White wine temperature

When it comes to thinking about the perfect white wine serving temperature, just think about a warm summer's day. White wine is best served refreshingly cold, straight from the fridge. You do have some wriggle room when it comes to the traditional serving temperature for white wine. Usually, if the wine is sweet like Moscato it can be cooled for longer, at about 6-8°C and still taste delicious. If it has a more dry taste, like Sauvignon Blanc, serve slightly warmer at around 8-12°C.

Rose wine temperature

Rose wine temperature is similar to that of white wine. If the rose is sweet, it can be served at a colder temperature. If your bottle of choice is fruity it can taste just as good at a warmer temperature. Aim for around 7-13 °C, which can be achieved in the fridge.

Sparkling wine temperature

The only way to drink sparkling wine, prosecco, Pink Moscato and champagne is ice cold, between 5-7°C. Put a bottle or two in a bucket, half filled with ice and water for about 30 minutes before serving. If you’ve left your crystal ice bucket at that posh doo you went to last week, don’t worry - just pop a bottle in the freezer for ten minutes. Don’t leave it for too long though as fizz can freeze.

The taste test

Just like waiters do at restaurants, pour a tiny amount into a glass to truly know if your wine is ready to serve. When tasting, the easiest thing to remember is if it tastes too strong, the wine could do with cooling off. If it doesn't have any flavour or the flavour tastes quite dull, try warming it up. Go with your instinct. Personal preferences always win here so, if you think it tastes delicious at 13°C, serve up and enjoy.

Nov 11, 2019