Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! It's that time of the year when we shower our special someone with love, affection, and of course, thoughtful gifts. Barefoot Wine is here to help you find the perfect way to express your love this year with our exclusive Valentine's wine gift tags and finding the perfect wine for your loved one!


Printable wine gift tags

To make your Valentine's Day gift even more special, we've created a collection of printable gift tags, designed to go round a bottle of your loved one’s fave Barefoot Wine! Each gift tag features a fun and charming Valentine's-themed message that adds a personalised and heartfelt touch to your wine.

Simply print out your favourite tag, cut it out, and tie it to your chosen bottle of Barefoot Wine.

Here's a little more about each of the gift tags:

  • "You Had Me At Merlot" - This tag is perfect for the classic romantic who appreciates a sweet and sincere declaration of love. It’s a delightful feature to your Barefoot Merlot gift.
  • "My Partner in Wine" - Celebrate your fun and playful relationship with this whimsical gift tag. It's a lovely way to acknowledge your shared love of wine and the joy you bring to each other's lives. Pair it with our Barefoot White Zinfandel for a perfect match.
  • "You're the Wine that I Want" - This tag is perfect for the elegant and sophisticated wine lover in your life. It's a fun and catchy way to express your feelings and goes perfectly with our Barefoot Pinot Grigio.
  • "Wine in a Million" - Show your loved one how unique and special they are to you with this clever play on words. This tag is a wonderful way to express your admiration and appreciation for your one-in-a-million partner. Tie it to a bottle of our rich and indulgent Buttery Chardonnay for a memorable gift.
  • "Say You'll Be Wine" -this tag is perfect for the bold and daring Malbec lover. It's a fun and adventurous way to express your love and celebrate your thrilling relationship. It's a playful twist on the phrase "Say you'll be mine," making it a great addition to your Barefoot Malbec gift.

Download your tags here.

The perfect wine for your loved one

Whether you're celebrating with your partner, family, friends or simply treating yourself, a bottle of Barefoot Wine (complete with a fun gift tag), is a fun and unique way to show your love and appreciation. So, let's raise a glass to love and dive into our guide to choosing the perfect Barefoot Wine for your Valentine!

  • For the Classic Romantic: Barefoot Merlot

If your Valentine loves classic romance, our Barefoot Merlot is the perfect choice. This smooth and velvety wine is packed with notes of black cherry, plum, and hints of vanilla. It's an excellent companion for a candlelit dinner or a cosy night in. Pair it with an indulgent lasagne or beef stew.

  • For the Fun & Playful: Barefoot White Zinfandel

For the one who brings sunshine and laughter into your life, our Barefoot White Zinfandel is the perfect choice. This light and refreshing wine is packed with notes of fresh strawberries, sweet cherries, and a hint of citrus. It's the perfect companion for a fun and playful Valentine's Day celebration. Pair it with a spicy Thai dish or fruity dessert.

  • For the Elegant & Sophisticated: Barefoot Pinot Grigio

If your loved one appreciates the finer things in life, our Barefoot Pinot Grigio is the perfect choice. This crisp and refreshing wine is a delicious blend of aromas like green apple, pear, and a touch of citrus. It's an excellent choice for a classy and elegant evening, and it pairs beautifully with light chicken, fish or veggie dishes.

  • For the Bold & Confident: Barefoot Buttery Chardonnay

For the one who's always confident and unafraid to be themselves, surprise them with a bottle of our rich and indulgent Buttery Chardonnay. With its bold tones of apple, pear, and a smooth, buttery finish, this full-bodied wine is perfect for pairing with a deliciously creamy mushroom risotto and a spontaneous Valentine's Day adventure.

  • For the Adventurous Spirit: Barefoot Malbec

For the one who embraces bold flavours and dares to be different, our Barefoot Malbec is the perfect choice. This rich and velvety wine is bursting with notes of blackberry, blueberry, and hints of chocolate. It's an ideal accompaniment for a thrilling Valentine's Day adventure or a cosy night in with steak and blue-cheese sauce.

Of course, Barefoot is all about making wine less serious. So at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that it’s their favourite! Check out the full range of Barefoot Wines.


This Valentine's Day, let Barefoot Wine help you express your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. With our wide range of delicious wines and charming Valentine's-themed gift tags, you're sure to find the perfect pairing for your loved one. So, let's toast to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Cheers!

Jan 26, 2024