Well, we hear congratulations are in order and what better way to celebrate than with a chilled bottle of bubbly? Let's play it safe with the cork with these tips on how to open a bottle of sparkling wine safely. They will ensure you don’t spill any fizz or look like a right wally in the process.

Firstly, find a safe location and face away from anything, or anyone, valuable. When you’re ready to open, remove the metal foil and wire cage by untwisting the wire carefully. Be sure to keep your thumb on the cork’s head just in case accidental popping catches you by surprise.

The next thing you need to know when learning how to open sparkling wine is where to position your hands. The easiest way is to grip one hand on the neck of the bottle near the shoulder and support the base of the bottle against your hip. This will face the bottle away from your body.

Now for the hard bit. Grasp the cork firmly using your other hand, you may want to use a kitchen towel for extra leverage. Twist the bottle in an anti-clockwise motion and twist the cork in the opposite direction, while giving it a gentle pull upwards. Do this slowly and minimise shaking the bottle to avoid the risk of spillage. The cork will eventually pop off and with your hands in these positions you’ll be able to catch it easily, even if it comes as a surprise.

Wait a few seconds for the bubbles to settle before pouring slowly into flutes and enjoy. 

Nov 11, 2019