Deep, dark and delightfully delicious, Malbec wine has won hearts all over the world with its plush taste and quality finish. On birthdays, anniversaries and bank holidays when there’s a beef joint roasting in the oven, opening a bottle of rich, bold Barefoot Malbec is one of life’s great pleasures.

Barefoot Malbec is a delicious medium to full-bodied red wine with plenty of tannins (those textures you feel on your teeth when sipping red wine), acidity and fleshiness, which together pack something of a punch. This means it’s slightly bitter, so great if you love black coffee or luscious dark chocolate. This is a luxurious yet affordable wine, which comes from the Malbec grape.

Why is Malbec so popular?

There are several reasons why so many people love Malbec but mainly, it’s just plain delicious! It’s a rich wine of epic proportions and has become the perfect partner for cosy nights by the fire or while entertaining your besties when they pop over for dinner. Malbec is also produced in seven different countries, so people across the globe are getting to know, and adore, that distinctive texture and taste. Barefoot Malbec is grown in the heart of California where the sunny weather helps ripen the grapes to perfection bringing out those bold, juicy berry notes.

The story of Malbec is one of a long-time fight for the starry limelight. But in recent years this wine’s celebrity status has grown and it’s now one of the most popular reds in the UK.


What delicious flavours can you expect from Malbec?

The Malbec taste packs a punch and it doesn’t shy away from showing off its fruity notes. Sip a glass of Barefoot Malbec and you’ll detect tones of blackcurrant alongside hints of vanilla. Its deep, dark and silky texture brings out those super rich tastes.

Acidity and soft tannins work as a team with the fruit to create a wine that is balanced and smooth too. Malbec’s characteristics combine to make it intense and flavourful.

Is Malbec sweet?

Malbec is dry rather than sweet, but the plush intensity gives this wine a hint of sweetness, so it’s not as dry as Cabernet Sauvignon, for example.

Barefoot Malbec features hints of blackberry, blackcurrant, vanilla, caramel and a hint of toasted oak, so it’s better known for rich complexity than sweetness.

Pairing Malbec with food

Due to its full-bodied nature, Barefoot Malbec pairs well with equally hearty foods, such as lean red meat, rich stews and blue cheese. In fact, blue cheese and Malbec is a match made in heaven – so enjoy a glass with a blue cheese burger straight off the BBQ this summer. Who says red wine is only for winter?

Other flavours that suit Malbec’s epic taste include pepper, sage and rosemary. These herbs make Malbec taste all the fruitier, while others, such as mint, bring out the wine’s complexity. You’ll definitely impress your mates with these pairings and they’ll be asking ‘what’s your secret?’


Where is Malbec from?

The history of Malbec

You’ll probably associate Malbec with Argentina but it’s actually originally from Bordeaux in France.  The strong Malbec-growing tradition eventually ventured across the pond – by the end of the 20th century, Malbec was synonymous with Argentina’s Mendoza region, where vines thrived in the sunshine.

Californian Malbec came late to the party – but fashionably so of course daaahling! Our Barefoot Californian Malbec has been described as fruitier and lighter than Argentinian Malbec, with hints of blackberry rather than black cherry giving it that Barefoot Cali twist on a classic.

As for the future? With Californian red becoming more popular, word on the grapevine is that Californian Malbec will continue to gain popularity so watch this space!

About Malbec grapes

The Malbec grape is a black grape variety which looks an inky blue on the vine. It’s known for producing deep-coloured wines with intense, rustic flavour.

Malbec grapes love heights. The higher the altitude they grow in, the more acidity they produce – something that’s important for that scrummy Malbec flavour people know and love.

Malbec vines are particularly sensitive to frost, however. Like any Californian they hate the cold so Malbec flourishes in the Cali sunshine and that’s why the Barefoot Malbec is so yummy.

What kind of wine is similar to Malbec?

Tasted Malbec and think nothing else will compare? Luckily, there are similar wines on the market.

Barefoot Merlot is the closest match. It’s just as rich, just as dark and even more full-bodied than Malbec. The main difference is Merlot’s comforting blanket of sweetness.

Merlot has an exciting personality all of its own – read the Barefoot guide to Merlot for all the details.

Jul 2, 2020