Are you ready to get your glitter on and hit those high notes? The Eurovision Song Contest is here! Every year, countries across Europe come together to celebrate music, culture, and of course, outrageous outfits. If you’re a fan of the contest, then you know it’s not just about the music, but the experience of watching it together. Remember Ukraine’s win and the UK’s triumph in Eurovision 2022? So why not throw a party and celebrate with friends this year? In this post, we’ll show you how to make your Eurovision watch party the ultimate celebration.

From Liverpool to your lounge… grab your own tickets to Eurovision

First things first, you need to set the scene. Create Eurovision tickets to send to your mates- its an exclusive party, girlll! Go all out with your party decorations by getting colourful streamers, glitter and balloons to help create a Eurovision vibe. You could even consider hanging up flags of the countries that are participating this year. Don’t forget to add some disco balls and neon lights to make the evening feel extra bright.

Party food and wine combos

No party is complete without some yummy snacks. Delight your guests with some finger foods that can be eaten while watching the show. Think mini pizzas, sliders, and popcorn with some unique seasonings. You could even create a themed dish for each participating country, using traditional recipes from their region. German pretzels, French pastries, Spanish tapas? Delish!

Don't forget to pair the party food with your favourite Barefoot wines. For Barefoot Pinot Grigio, why not try some crispy bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil to bring the Italian vibes. Sipping White Zinfandel? You can’t go wrong with buffalo chicken sliders! The sweetness of the wine perfectly balances out the heat of the chicken, making for a mouth-watering combination. With Merlot wine, try some juicy meatball skewers with a tangy BBQ sauce. Or for something sweet, try your favourite dessert with Barefoot Moscato. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you for these perfect pairings! So, grab a glass of your favourite Barefoot wine and get ready for a night of great company and amazing flavours.


Get your Eurovision song playlist ready

Make sure you have a Eurovision party playlist ready to go. Include classic Eurovision songs from past years, as well as some of this year's competitors on the list. Be sure to make it collaborative by having guests suggest songs and adding them to the playlist. The music will help set the tone and encourage people to get into the spirit. Why not turn it into a karaoke party?

The beauty of the Eurovision Song Contest is the fun spirit of competition. Get your guests involved by organising your own mini song contest. Encourage everyone to pick their favourite country and artist and have them perform for the group. If you’re feeling brave, why not hold a lip sync battle, or even better, a group dance-off? This is your chance to get creative and bring the party to life.

End the night with a bang

As the night comes to a close, end it with a bang by announcing the winners of your mini song contest or just keep the good vibes going with a fun dance party. Anyone getting nul points? Don’t forget to thank your guests for coming and handing out some fun party favours. Make sure they don’t leave empty-handed by sending them home with a bottle of Barefoot Wine as a little memento of the night.


Throwing a Eurovision Song Contest watch party is an excellent way to bring people together and enjoy the ultimate celebration of music and culture. With some delicious snacks, great wine, a collaborative playlist, and your fun-loving friends, you’ll turn your living room into the ultimate Eurovision experience. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a glass and let’s get this party started!


Apr 27, 2023