Is your Community Award Winning?  

Maybe you have a crazy-active group chat? Or a legendary annual block-party?  

If so, this is your chance to shine! 


Here at Barefoot, we believe life is more fun when we’re together- and where else is this truer than in our communities?! 

This belief is what led us here at Barefoot to create the Barefoot Colourful Community Awards- a campaign to highlight communities around the country for their spunk, pizzazz, and just general awesome-ness.  

Communities come big and small, whether it’s your next-door neighbours, your a-cappella group, work mates, football league, knitting circle, or “book club"... whatever your community looks like, we want to hear about it!  


Now for the details, we will pick three winning communities, one for each of the following categories: 

*Longest Running Street Party 

*Most Active WhatsApp Group 

*Best Community Support & Spirit 


If you’re not sure whether you are part of a community, read on our top 15 signs: 

  1. People will take parcels in for you
  2. Neighbours taking your bins in/ out for you
  3. Neighbours will tell you if anyone dodgy has been near your house
  4. Being asked to watch the house while they go on holiday
  5. Being invited to the regular social events
  6. Everyone knows your family by their first names
  7. Being asked to borrow a tool
  8. Being given a spare key ‘just in case of an emergency
  9. Everyone knows your dog’s name
  10. You get invited to the street BBQ/ party
  11. Being asked to pick someone else’s child up from school and giving them tea
  12. Being approached for a spontaneous glass of wine
  13. You’re told of all the local events coming up
  14. You get told all the community gossip
  15. You get added to a Facebook group/ WhatsApp chat



To enter you just need to comment on our Instagram post here telling us what makes your community amazing, tag @BarefootWineUK and use #BarefootColourfulCommunityAwards as well as follow @BarefootWineUK, like the post, and share to your IG stories! Easy-peasy! 

Full terms & conditions can be found here.  

And finally, the most important, each winning community will win 3 cases of Barefoot wine, and a bespoke plaque to commemorate your community’s awesome-ness. 

Get to your Instagrams, Barefoot lovers, and start nominating your amazing community! 

May 10, 2022