We see you. We support you. We celebrate you. We’ve been a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community for 34 years.

At Barefoot Wine, we believe everyone deserves to be embraced and celebrated, no matter who they are or who they love. As a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community for over 30 years, we stand by our commitment to loving, supporting, and striving for greater representation and inclusiveness of the diverse LGBTQ+ community. 

We are excited to announce that in 2022 we will continue this mission by partnering with LGBT Foundation, helping to fund its community building Rainbow Buddies initiative.

About LGBT Foundation

Established in 1975, LGBT Foundation exists to support the needs of the diverse range of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans. They believe in a fair and equal society where all LGBTQ+ people can achieve their full potential. #EqualityWins underpins much of what we do and we aim to be; ‘here if you need us.’


What is Rainbow Buddies and Barefoot’s Support

The Rainbow Buddies programme provides a safe, affirming space for LGBTQ+ people who feel disconnected from the community and/or are lacking confidence and self-esteem.  This space is created by a dedicated Buddy who will listen, speak, and relate to them, rebuilding that sense of community and confidence.  After eight sessions, individuals will complete the programme, and be introduced to other services within LGBT Foundation. Service users will meet others from the Rainbow Buddies programme, expanding their social circle and make new friends.

Given Rainbow Buddies mission to build up the greater LGBTQ+ community, Barefoot was excited to get involved.  Barefoot will help fund this programme and provide the resources needed to make the greatest impact possible.  Our funds will go to additional workforce and the training of additional volunteers, the amazing Buddies, who will be the ones helping those in need. 

Barefoot is excited to partner with LGBT Foundation and continue in our commitment to community and inclusivity.

To learn more about Rainbow Buddies and the LGBT Foundation, please visit their site here.

Jun 16, 2022