Bubbly, and spritzers, and seltzers with wine!  Oh, my!

Who hasn't found themselves singing something similar to this while skipping down the wine aisle lately?  Well, maybe not skipping. Sauntering, perhaps?

OK. Scratch that. Maybe it's just us...

So, whether you're skipping while shopping or simply shopping, we are willing to bet that you've noticed that the world of bubbly beverages is all but bubbling over these days.

That's right. There has been a virtual explosion of bubbly beverage offerings at wine and grocery stores nationwide over the past year or so.

It's enough to make your head spin.

Don't want that to happen? Good—neither do we. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to break down one of the biggest mysteries currently, ahem, bubbling to the top: What's the difference between wine spritzers and wine seltzer?


The Hard Seltzer Truth - What is Hard Seltzer?

Let's start with these new trendy hard seltzers, shall we? Hard seltzers consist of two basic ingredients: Sparkling water and an alcohol base. The alcohol base can be derived from any of the following:




or Sugar 

(Our Barefoot Wine Seltzers are made with real Barefoot wine but, more on that later.)


Then, in most cases, a third, optional flavour component is tossed in the mix.

Most hard seltzers are lower in sugar, relatively low in alcohol at less than 6% ABV. They're also usually gluten-free.

Hard seltzers are not the same as the flavoured beers and other sugary malt beverages out there, which usually have higher alcohol content and more added sugar.

Isn't it nice to have refreshing beverages that have a lighter taste? We agree. We think this is a key reason why hard seltzers are so darn appealing.

At Barefoot we wanted to bring our great flavour expertise and fun-loving attitude to this refreshing category, so our winemaker created Barefoot Wine Seltzers! Find out more below...


Keep Your Spritzers About You - What is a Wine Based Spritzer?

So, now, what about wine-based spritzers? What makes them so sublimely special?

Wine spritzers always have a wine base—Yes, you got it, it's all in the name—and they are often more fruit-forward and well ... wine-like. Some describe a wine spritzer as "Wine with a touch of fizz." With spritzers, it's all about that great wine flavour you’ve come to know and love (and we know a thing or two about that). Although delicious to make, those looking for a lighter option would be better suited to a seltzer than a spritzer.

We know our fans are always looking for new tastes, formats, and packaging that they can enjoy in new places or for new occasions. Which brings us to wine seltzers.


A for Effervescence

Never bashful about joining a party, we rolled up our sleeves and kicked off our shoes... (Wait, our shoes were already off because, well you know—it's kind of our thing.) We took note of a new opportunity to meet thirsty fans where they are with the kinds of beverages that they want.

We've heard that wine-based hard seltzers are appealing because it’s a new way to enjoy great flavours in a refreshing and light style.

With Barefoot Wine Seltzer, we’ve created delicious, light-bodied, wine-based hard seltzers that can be enjoyed at home—We're thinking birthdays, barbecues, game night, movie night, any night...; during "me time; on the go; or with family and friends.

And, you guessed it, there’s real Barefoot wine in every can


Find Your Wine Seltzer Flavour

As we mentioned, our new Wine Seltzers include three main ingredients: real Barefoot wine, sparkling water and natural fruit flavours. At first blush, we're offering two vibrant and refreshing Barefoot Wine Seltzers—both a distinct blend of natural flavours:

  • Pineapple & Passionfruit
  • Strawberry & Guava

We heard that our fans were looking for beverages with real ingredients and less than 100 calories. And, well, we aim to please.

That's why we're happy to report that each 250mL can of wine seltzer has 70 calories, is gluten-free and is 4% ABV!

Being a lighter option, our wine seltzers are less “wine forward” than your standard wine spritzer. They differ in style and taste, but rest assured, the world- famous Barefoot logo guarantees the quality you know and trust.


Thought Bubbles

You've probably gathered this by now, we love what we do. And a big part of that Barefoot love is hearing from you.

Whether you're new to wine, bubbles, a bona fide Barefooter, or dare we say, intrigued by our new wine-based Seltzer offerings, we encourage you to dive in, have some fun and give us a shout to tell us how you like them.

We'll be here, toes in the sand, eagerly awaiting your thoughts sent from near and far.


Until then, cheers to you!

Your Barefoot Friends

Aug 14, 2020