UK, brace yourselves, there’s a new drink sensation for you to sample - Barefoot Wine Seltzers! These drinks are so delicious that you won’t believe they are only 70 calories and 4% alcohol content as well as gluten free.

If you love Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, then you’ll want to treat your taste buds to our brand new, and much anticipated, selection of fruity wine seltzers.


What are wine seltzers?

Our new range of wine seltzers – also known as hard seltzers and spiked seltzers - are made using white wine, sparkling water and natural fruit flavours.

This alcoholic sparkling water drink comes in two new mouth-watering flavours: Strawberry and Guava and Pineapple and Passionfruit. They’re delicious and perfect to sip on as you enjoy the weather on a warm, sunny evening.

At only 70 calories per 250ml can, these seltzers are the perfect alternative to your usual alcoholic beverage and are much lighter in taste. Plus, this hard sparkling water is only 4% ABV so a good choice if you don’t fancy a soft drink. If that’s not enough, they are also gluten free too. Yes, you did read that right! These drinks are pretty perfect!


Wine seltzers: A new drink sensation from the US

These hard seltzers are already booming in the USA. This year, they are set to start flying off the shelves in the UK too.

You’ll definitely want to get your hands on these vibrant and refreshing drinks, they are set to be the beverage of the summer and will be filling fridges - and Instagram feeds - across the country. It’s time to get ahead of the curve and try them for yourself.


Wine seltzers: A summer drink to be enjoyed outdoors

The slim can makes it easy to pop a few into your bag to take with you to enjoy on the go as well as enjoying them at home. They complement our existing selection of Barefoot wine cans that are already on sale.

That means that they are the perfect addition to your picnic basket for a day at the beach. After a day spent swimming, surfing or paddle boarding, you’ll have worked up an appetite. These are perfect to sip on as you tuck into your sandwiches.

If you are out for a long day of cycling with a friend then pack a couple of cans of Barefoot Wine Seltzers and give yourself a break halfway round. As you sip on this refreshing beverage you can take in the glorious views of lush green fields that have been whizzing past you all day.

They are also ideal for at home too. On a balmy summer’s evening when you have a few friends coming over and you’ve fired up the BBQ, you need a perfect drink to match the occasion and perhaps a lighter alternative to wine after your afternoon run. When the sausages are sizzling away, take the chance to pour your wine seltzer over ice. You can then sit back as the delicious smell of your dinner cooking filling the air and feel the sun on your face as you take your first sip. If you need a few recipes for your ideal night in, be sure to check out our page for inspiration.


Wine seltzers from Barefoot, an award-winning brand you can trust

Barefoot is the number one bottled wine brand in the world, so you can trust that these new seltzers have been developed by our team who know their stuff.

Barefoot has won more than 2,000 awards worldwide for products that are fun, flavourful, affordable and high quality. These new innovative seltzers are no different and join a range of flavoursome wine already on offer. 

Once you have tried this tasty new wine seltzer from Barefoot, we can guarantee it’ll be your summer drink of choice.

Find out where you can buy Barefoot with our guide here

May 22, 2020