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Barefoot Announces World Beach Rescue Day to Celebrate 10 Years of Cleaning Beaches
June 30, 2016

Barefoot Announces World Beach Rescue Day to Celebrate 10 Years of Cleaning Beaches


11 countries. 5 continents.1 day that brings the world together to spread a powerful message. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is declaring July 9, 2016 and the second Saturday of every July, “World Beach Rescue Day.” The world is officially invited to “Leave Only Footprints” and make beaches Barefoot-friendly! 

For the past 9 years, Barefoot has partnered on the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project with the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), an environmental charity who champions causes such as the protection of the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches. With a mammoth 13,000 kilograms of litter collected from the beautiful beaches around the UK since 2008, this year’s campaign is set to build on this success as the call to action becomes worldwide and greater than ever. We’re just getting our toes wet...

On July 9th, scores of volunteers from around the world will lend a hand – and a foot! – at simultaneous beach cleanup events in an effort to improve the state of their local shores, rivers, and lakes. Participants from 11 countries, including, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Poland, Philippines and Singapore, are coming together to make a stand in the sand. Each clean-up will end with a celebratory toast to a job well done – cause after all, we’re all about having fun while doing good!

To spread the message even further, Barefooters around the world joined forces to create larger than life sand art installations to inspire participation and awareness of the project. No matter the language you speak, the message is clear: “Leave Only Footprints.”

Join us at Newcastle, Whitley Bay below Plaza NE26 1BG at 2pm on the 9th of July. 

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